What is the Life Span of a Terracotta Roof Tile?

We are often asked this question. Currently the two main manufacturers of Terracotta tiles in Australia will offer you a 50 year warranty.  Although the offer of lengthy warranties only began in the early 1990’s when the manufacturing process changed dramatically.  Resulting in the ability to produce a much better quality roof tile.  When talking about Terracotta tiles made prior to this date, this question becomes difficult to answer, as there are a number of contributing factors to take into consideration. There are currently Terracotta roof tiles that are still performing and have been in situ for over 100 years.  Some of the factors that may shorten the life of these old roofs will be the location of the property.  The older properties that are situated closer to the salt water tend to deteriorate the most, as the salt air can begin to eat away at the underside of the tiles.  The manufacturer of the product is also taken into account, as there were products in the past that had varying levels of quality. With the advancement in the manufacturing process today, you can rest assured that the improvements made to the quality of a Terracotta tile means that your roof will most likely last longer that a life time! For more information about the current offering, contact us today on 5943 1113.

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