Can You Respray Terracotta Tiles?

Yes you can respray terracotta roof tiles, BUT be prepared, as it will flake and peel off! It will only adhere to the tile for a small period of time and will require continuous maintenance. We do not recommend to respray a terracotta roof. When a terracotta tile is manufactured, the glaze is baked into the tile […]

Reroofing – Understanding The Process

For most people, the thought of Reroofing can be daunting.  But once you get a better understanding of the process, and the way in which we go about it, you will be wondering what all of the stress was about.  The thought of removing your roof tiles and exposing your property to the elements can […]

What is the Life Span of a Terracotta Roof Tile?

We are often asked this question. Currently the two main manufacturers of Terracotta tiles in Australia will offer you a 50 year warranty.  Although the offer of lengthy warranties only began in the early 1990’s when the manufacturing process changed dramatically.  Resulting in the ability to produce a much better quality roof tile.  When talking […]

Need Spare or Replacement Roof Tiles?

Here at Challenge Bricks & Roofing, we have a tile yard that has a range of Concrete and Terracotta Roof Tiles.  Whether you need a couple of tiles to replace your broken ones or a few spare in preparation for the installation of your Solar. Bring a sample down with you and we will endeavour to […]